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"The 8th Wonder of the World" is how the Great Migration through the famous Masai Mara is known. The Mara and Serengeti parks are interdependent wildlife havens. This is where the world's largest multi-species migration takes place. The movement is, centered around the wildebeest migrating from Serengeti into Masai Mara during the dry period in Tanzania, crossing the mighty Mara River on their way. The Great Wildebeest Migration rightfully deserves its standing as one of the natural world's most astonishing spectacles. Comprising of more than 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras and antelopes,
the Great Migration constitutes the last surviving multi-species migration on the planet.
Many visitors come back time and time again, to witness this mass movement of wild animals through the Masai Mara.

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Masai Mara

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Breakfast Overlooking
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With Mount Kilimanjaro rising in the background, herds of wild elephants make their way across the savannah in what is truly one of the African continent's most extraordinary national parks. Any visitor is guaranteed a close encounter with these majestic giants, but they are not Amboseli's only attraction.
Its flat, vegetation-free expanses are also home to lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and hundreds of bird species.

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Amboseli National Park

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A safari holiday should be on everyone's wish list of life's greatest adventures. In Swahili, the melodious everyday language of East Africa, the word itself translates as "going on a journey". In the age of Hemingway and Karen Blixen this meant going upcountry, setting off with a tent and a rifle into the back of beyond where the wild things are. Now the day of the hunter is done. Guns are out. Cameras are in and ecotourism is the buzzword in the bush, offering a gentler but no less thrilling introduction to the last place on earth where wildlife exists in its old abundance.

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